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Accusize Industrial Advantages
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Accusize Co.,Ltd. serve the Canadian metalworking customers since 2008 with supplying the professional cutting tools, measuring instruments and machine tool accessories. We located in Great Toronto Area, Canada. Accusize source the industrial quality products from the leading manufacturers in the USA, Canada, China and Germany etc.

Because of  getting the high quality products from manufactures directly. We use the same factory which produces the same products for other big companies of the famous brands, so that we can guarantee our customers to get the same good quality which are the same as the famous brands in these industries but at the LOWEST price from us. When customers buying from us, they always get the good quality products at very good prices.

We have over 20 years experience in supplying high quality cutting tools, measuring instruments and machine tool accessories etc. to USA, Germany, France and Spain etc. for metal working industry. We try our best to listen and respond to our clients' needs. And we bring values to our customers.